The band’s name is a custom word composed by combining the phrase “Rage in Heart”. The band started to take form in 2003 by the founding members Angel Priest (guitars) and John Koronaios (vocals).

They arranged a rehearsal in order to play some covers and start composing Angel’s nameless song that time (“The Amulet”). “Speedy” Nick was recruited on drums. The result of the first rehearsal was outstanding and the chemistry of the members was good.

The band worked with several musicians on drums, bass and keyboards (Nick “The Ghost”, George “Rocker”, Billy, Stergios, Jim Turner…). Serious work was made when the line-up stabilized with Nikos Michalakakos (2004) on bass and Stavros Papazoglou on keyboards (2006). The band recorded a 5-track demo.
The cd was sent in several music labels, independent and major. A couple of really major labels showed interest but required better sound production and complete cd product in order to discuss further.

After the release of the cd, the band received several good reviews from webzines and magazines, in Hellas but also internationaly. Kostas Athanasoglou (Steel Gallery Records) and Greg Varsamis (Eat Metal Records) listened to the demo and decided to help the band , so they offered the chance to open the concert for the legendary Heir Apparent. This was an amazing boost for the band and also great honor, to play with such legends for the first time. Kostas Athanasoglou and Greg Varsamis never ragen2010stopped helping and believing in Ragenheart, so the next years they arranged several support shows for the band with legends like Cloven Hoof and Leatherwolf. With the help of Greg Varsamis, the band gained popularity all over Greece,  received lots of emails and cd orders.

Ragenheart had an amazing review in the german “Heavy” magazine and also in the british “Terrorizer” and the hellenic “Rock Hard” (also an interview by Greg Baxevanides). In 2007, the hellenic label “Burning Star Records” approached the band and offered a resonable record deal. Ragenheart signed and set the plans for the recordings at Hangar Studios, Greece. Soon after the gig with Leatherwolf, the record label set all the bands of the roster free from their contracts. This fact did not stop the band, they continued recording, new songs and also all the songs from the demo/Ep.
Nikos did fantastic work, arranged all the songs digitally and helped in order to gain serious time in the recording process.

In 2009 the recordings is finally over and the mixing process begins. The band searched several music producers in order to achieve the best result. Attracted also the “eyes” of famous music producers even if the budget didn’t allow further co-operation. The band had several offers from record labels and finally ended up with Metal On Metal Records for the release of the debut cd.
The cd did pretty well worldwide and gave the chance for the band to gain fans and play several gigs.